The Codalify Story

Hi there! I’m Mike Dalisay, CEO and Co-founder of Codalify Software Development. Nice to meet you! Codalify was officially founded in June 2015. But we like to think Codalify SD was born in 2010. Here’s our story.


I started taking computer programming notes. I took notes of code snippets and solutions to problems I encountered. I decided to take my notes online through Google’s blogging platform. I called my site CodeOfaNinja because I think Ninjas are incredibly skilled characters. My notes were accessible in the URL.

My programming notes became visible to the online world. Many people said my notes were handy, and I was accommodating. This time, I decided to become a blogger. In June 2011, was born. Several of my blog posts received hundreds of likes and comments. Here are some of them, take a look here and here.

I wondered how websites stay online. I knew websites could not be maintained for free. I have been paying CodeOfaNinja’s web hosting and domain. I enjoyed working on the site, but he could not afford it. I got a lot of bills to pay. My family needs support, and he’s sending his brother to college.

I started trying different ways to monetize my blog. I went into putting ads on CodeOfaNinja. This is how I made my first dollar online. I made a minimal income, but it encouraged me to do more.


Marykris De Leon, our Co-Founder, saw my passion for serving CodeOfaNinja’s audience. This convinced her to help me. She offered her Online Marketing expertise. Marykris knew a lot about SEO and social media marketing. At the time, she has been working in that industry for the past three years.

CodeOfaNinja’s income from ads started to grow. I’ve worked on the site for three years without much financial progress. With Marykris by my side, I knew we could take the business to the next level. That’s how she established herself as Codalify’s Co-Founder. Indeed, two is better than one.

Our efforts were rewarded. CodeOfaNinja’s audience grew significantly. They attracted not only students and software developers but also entrepreneurs and employers. Several companies from the USA and Europe wanted me to work for them as a software developer.

Most inquiries we received were about social media APIs. People wanted to display social media content on their websites. Not all people are coders. For this reason, in October 2014, we started the development and marketing plan of SociableKIT. It was called Display Social Media at the time.

SociableKIT is a website widget that helps creators and business owners to display social media content on their websites. No need to manually upload photos, videos, and posts in two places. Just post on social media, and SociableKIT will update your website automatically. No coding is required.

In February 2015, I quit my corporate job to work full-time and focus on growing our online business. Marykris is still working in the corporate world and even agreed to support me financially for a few months just in case the business stopped making profits. They both took a significant risk.

In June 2015, Codalify Software Development was officially and formally founded. Our DTI certificate number is 03628339. Our company TIN is 296-724-184-000.


In March 2016, Marykris also quit her corporate job to help me full-time in the business.

Codalify hired 30 interns from different universities. Codalify hired several part-time employees or freelancers to help grow the business. We hired software developers, technical writers, and voice-over artists through Upwork and Fiverr. Working with different people from different parts of the world is another learning experience for us.

SociableKIT started making significant income.

Codalify started to grow with full-time team members. From a team of two, Codalify became a team of 8. We have a data analyst, a software tester, two customer success specialists, and two full-stack software developers.


Codalify continued to grow despite the pandemic, volcanic eruption in our country, war in Europe, and recession. Yes, it is very hard to grow when many customers are cancelling their accounts because of the bad situations I mentioned. But we did not give up and was able to get more customers to grow the company. We are now a team of 14.

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