The 2021 Year-End Message From the CEO

Happy Holidays everyone! This holiday season is a little bit better than the last 2 years. According to the news, millions of people are already vaccinated. As a result, COVID infections continue to decrease.

Maybe next year we’ll have our face-to-face meetings and events again. This is very exciting considering we haven’t done this for about two years now.

This year, we’re very fortunate to win new customers from different industries around the world. Here are some of them:

IT companies like in the United Kingdom and in the Netherlands. Research companies like GreinResearch in Iceland. Cybersecurity companies like BeSecured in Germany. Oil companies like Proserv in Scotland. Nonprofits like The Soapbox in Philadelphia, USA.

Several companies also bought and subscribed to our big subscription plans: A digital marketing agency in UK and Singapore, a school in Washington USA, and a department store in Ireland.

Our best-selling features are related to LinkedIn solutions, Eventbrite events, Google reviews, and Facebook page events solutions.

To our dear customers, thank you for trusting us and using our products and services. We highly value your business. Thank you for helping us go to the next level!

We’ll develop more solutions for our customers. We need to do this to stay on top and have an advantage over our competitors.

Other products like Housevin and Gitcoom continue to increase their Google AdSense revenue. Good job to Ma’am Marykris and her team for working on it. That’s why we’re developing a highly customized directory website called Lemavin to push these kinds of projects forward.

Unfortunately, we were not able to achieve 100% of our target sales for this year. We were able to achieve only 88% of our target sales. 88% is not too bad. But we surely have several rooms for improvements. We have new targets for next year. Hopefully, we can achieve 100% or more of our sales target. But how?

I believe we can achieve this by doubling down on content marketing. We will create high-quality blogs that will help convince potential customers to buy our product.

We will create video tutorials to educate potential customers about how easy it is to use our product. Videos will also enable us to visually demonstrate our expertise in supporting our product.

This year we’ve grown our team to 14 people. We have a new organizational structure. We promoted new team leaders and we have new employees. Congratulations new Team Leaders and welcome to our team new employees! This is a sign that our company is evolving and our products and services are in demand.

We need to improve not only our products but also our team because as our customers increase, our skills in handling them need to increase as well. If we can do it, we’ll be sure to have a yearly compensation increase as well.

We need to continue having good communications, support each other, be organized, and remember to have fun in our work. These are some of the things that we can do to have the best team.

Thank you, everyone, for all your efforts in making our company better every day. Let’s be thankful for all the blessings that we receive. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your families!

Mike Dalisay
Co-founder & CEO
Codalify Software Development

6th Anniversary Message from the CEO

Welcome to our 6th year anniversary! Thank you everyone for attending our virtual celebration. We are blessed to have new team members, welcome to the team! We wanted to celebrate this anniversary in person. Unfortunately, the government says it is still not safe to travel because of COVID19. I hope that all of you and your families are safe and healthy.

I’m very happy and proud to tell you about the new heights our company is reaching. We have almost doubled our new clients per month as compared to last year’s number of clients. There are many customers who upgrade their accounts as well. They subscribe to a higher version of our services.

We also have new solutions or products to offer and new add-on services. For example, many customers demand faster syncs. We offer this as an add-on service. This is another great source of revenue. Our software was officially approved by YouTube. It means we are recognized by YouTube as their partner. This makes our YouTube solutions more stable, especially our YouTube live solution.

We still have challenges like software bugs and the need to train new employees. I think we just need to implement better testing and take some time for new teammates to improve. I firmly believe we will overcome these challenges because we have a strong and growing team!

We have new big-name clients like Rogers Wireless Inc. They are one of the biggest wireless service provider companies in Canada. Acer, one of the biggest PC vendors in the world is now our client as well. We have seen customers from industries we haven’t previously serving. We now have doctors, dentists, consultants, and lawyers using our products. We have customers from ports, radio stations, manufacturing as well.

I’m very excited to see more people and companies being served by our team. This tells us that we have great products and services that the world needs. Our efforts could not happen without the effort of everyone in the company. Thank you very much. Let’s continue this journey together!

Mike Dalisay
Co-Founder, CEO & CTO
Codalify Software Development

The 2020 Year-End Message from the CEO

As 2020 comes to a close, My family and I want to take a moment to wish you and your family a happy holiday season. May you and your family have Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! I also want to share my thoughts as we end what has been a momentous year for our company.

The year 2020 has been full of challenges: The pandemic, volcanic eruption, typhoons, unemployment, wildfires, and other unwanted events. The economic impact is not good. We’ve lost some of our clients, most of them closed their businesses. Times are hard but our company continues to survive. We gained hundreds of new clients this year. Some are remarkable ones like Laderach and Salesforce. So let’s focus on the good and positive.

Plans for 2021

Here are some of our plans for the next year, 2021.

For the Software Development Team, we will continue to migrate most of our backend to a Serverless Architecture in Amazon Web Services. The number of our customers continues to increase, as well as the usage of our application. We need to implement better scalability of our platform.

For the Software Testing Team, we will improve our testing requirements checklist and do more automated testing. This will improve our bug detection and prevention. If we have lesser bugs, we have more happy customers.

For the Data Analysis Team, we will improve our automatic data verification feature for all our solutions. We will also make our data collection process faster. This will enable us to collect and analyze more accurate data.

For the Customer Success Team, we will do more documentation and video tutorials. This will reduce the number of customers reaching out for support. We will also find ways to support our customers 24/7.

We plan to hire new teammates that can work on Front-end Development, User Interface (UI) design, and User Experience (UX) design. We want every inch of our product to be better designed and user-friendly. I believe this will be very valuable for us and our clients.

If we can all travel, we have plans to have our company outing so we can get away from all the busyness a typical workday can bring allowing ourselves to unwind and relieve stress. It will be an opportunity to learn new things about each other and discover hidden talents. This will be a great retreat for us since all of our work remotely.

Giving back

Earlier this year, there were unfortunate events and we did our part to help and give back. Recently, several Typhoons hit our country. Millions of our countrymen were affected. Through the Philippine Red Cross, our company has donated an amount for the victims of Typhoons. Our donation can help families restore their livelihood and rebuild their homes.

Also, our company started sponsoring children through Unbound, an international nonprofit organization who inspire confidence and offer opportunity and encouragement to children and families living on the margins of society. Unbound was formerly known as the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. In the Philippines, it is known as the Saint Vincent Foundation for Children and Aging.

Sometimes, looking back is good. As our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal said: He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination. Growing up, life is hard. Through Unbound, my sponsors helped me in many ways: financially, mentally, and spiritually. It started in first grade until I finish college. Codalify becoming a sponsor can be a way for us to look back, give back, keep us grounded, and appreciate all the things that we have.

There is so much work a non-profit organization puts into its mission. It is a lot of work, and it is meaningful. I know this because I was fortunate to serve as an Unbound scholar. This is one of the reasons why our company gives recurring discounts to our clients who are non-profits.

Without Unbound’s help, I probably would not be able to finish my college education, meet my wife Marykris, and have our son Jad, who both inspires me every day. My wife and I would not become co-founders of our company. Codalify would not exist today.

Thank you!

Again, may you and your family have Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! To our employees, thank you for your passion, determination, and commitment to the company. To our customers, thank you for your business and continued trust in our company. May you all enjoy the holidays – you deserve it!

Mike Dalisay
Co-Founder, CEO & CTO
Codalify Software Development

5th Anniversary Message from the CEO

Today as we commemorate our 5th founding anniversary, I am very thankful for all the hard work and sacrifice of all employees at Codalify Software Development. I am very proud of the way the company has evolved and risen to the challenge even in the face of adversity. Our team has grown in skills and in numbers. Hundreds of new customers were added this year so far.

We are an organization of specialists. We make intelligent recommendations and solutions for our customers. Our decisions are based on a careful and skillful analysis of their needs. This is one of the reasons why our customers continue to do business with us for five long years.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our customers for being with us on our journey. Codalify will not be here without your continued support and confidence in us. We will continue to serve you the best way we can.

Meanwhile, the year 2020 has been a very challenging one not only for us but also for the country and the whole of humanity. We are now facing an invisible enemy that has caused an unprecedented health crisis on a global scale, that has not only endangered and threatened human lives, but also crippled the global economy. 

We joined the government in its effort to fight COVID19. We had contributed our share by following the guidelines on social distancing and stay home policies. We do this to stop the spread of the virus. We can help save lives and tremendously help our frontline health heroes.

Giving back to the community is important. Codalify donated an amount (through the Pantawid ng Pagibig program) for our countrymen who have been profoundly affected by the quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We also donated some useful supplies to a hospital in Manila. Also, Codalify donated an amount (through GMA Kapuso Foundation) for our countrymen who were affected by the eruption of Taal Volcano earlier this year.

Therefore, I enjoin each and every one of you, as proud members of this respected organization, to give your very best in every way you can so that together we shall achieve our dreams and aspirations for a better life.

Let’s all celebrate our 5th anniversary. Once again, congratulations and happy anniversary. May God Almighty bless us, and keep us and our family safe always. To God be the glory!

Mike Dalisay
Co-Founder, CEO & CTO
Codalify Software Development

4th Anniversary Message from the CEO

Codalify Software Development is extremely proud to be marking our 4th anniversary – a significant milestone that few startup companies achieve. Time sure does fly by. There have been many challenges and rewards that we have learned from. I appreciate them all.

It is particularly gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary as the future for our software products looks so bright. Our customers continually show their confidence in us by giving us their business, by sharing new opportunities and by recommending us to others. 

I am grateful for that confidence and we will continue to do all we can to earn it. That confidence is possible because of our talented and dedicated employees. They do it with an extremely high level of quality, consistency and efficiency in mind. Those efforts and continued dedication gives us all reasons to be excited about our future.

Reflecting on the 4 years of existence of this company, I’d like to acknowledge my wife for believing in me even years before Codalify was officially founded. She supported and helped me grow this company. Our sacrifice, time, dedication, knowledge and commitment are the first foundation of Codalify.

To all our employees, customers, family and friends – I thank you for your continued support and dedication to Codalify Software Development. We hope to be able to share the celebration of our 4th Anniversary with you at Cristina Villas Antipolo on July 6, 2019, 10:00 AM.

Here’s to another 4 fantastic years!

Mike Dalisay
Co-Founder, CEO & CTO
Codalify Software Development